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Running 4558 Tests in 1m 55sec (or Saving 50 Hours/week)

About four months ago, our API tests took about 12-15 minutes to run on a decently powered linux machine. Test runtimes on Macs were slightly slower even with comparable hardware. Today it takes us 1 minute and 55 seconds to run the entire test suite including setup & teardown saving us ~50 hours of development time every week.

The number of tests we run for API has more than doubled (from ~2000) since we last talked about it on our engineering blog

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We build our software with a focus on Continuous Integration and quick deployment lifecycles. Naturally, speed is a critical component, allowing faster iterations and quick feedback.

Going from a 20 minute build to a 11 minute build time on our CI servers makes a dramatic difference in day-to-day work on our android app. The quick build time helps us stay focused and sharp. We've still got a long way to go until we get to a build time we're happy with, but we've made some good steps in the right direction.

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